The NIKKI DHANVANTARI AYURVEDA HOSPITAL is a very pleasant center that extends on a green hill of multicolored flowers near the large beach of Chowara, a few kilometers south of Kovalam.

The restaurant under a green roof has a breathtaking view of the beach it overlooks and the fine food is matched only by the quality of accommodation and care.









This Ayurvedic center, managed with empathy and kindness by its owner in a family atmosphere, is the showcase of what the English word "care" can represent.

The chief physician, Dr. Praveen, son and grandson of Ayurvedic doctors (his father has a clinic in Trivandrum) also worked in Switzerland, trained in Kottakal, he is in constant contact with the best Ayurvedic doctors of Kerala and is able to to cure delicate pathologies. Dr. Gheeta who works with him is a teacher himself and has an extremely sharp and rigorous diagnosis.

He also works in partnership with Dr. Sudarshan who is the doctor of the Duke's Forest Ayurveda Lodge, located about 40 km in the hinterland, at the edge of a torrent, near the mountains, in a rubber plantation and 'spices. This is where massage oils are made.

The chef, Raj, has worked in Italy for many years and knew how to marry Ayurvedic cooking and Italian cuisine, especially for his incomparable salads that are able to only retain customers!


There are 48 rooms in total, and space, which makes a center on a human scale.


Located right in the middle of the vast grounds where Nikki's Nest is located, there is a small fisherman's temple dedicated to Shiva which has risen to prominence in the area, especially since the January 2022 unveiling of a huge Shiva statue. India is a very religious country, of course, but if it is easy to acclimatize to the morning and evening pujas, when there is the annual festival of the temple, it is an experience out of range. The next Aazhimala Temple Festival will take place from January 18 to 26, 2023 and we are sorry to inform you that we categorically refuse to take registrations during this period (except possibly an overlapping day) The 25% discount granted by the center in no way replaces the fact of living from 5 am to midnight in an open-air discotheque. Some will find it nice, others will have a migraine... There is no doubt that those who have been trapped by unprofessional tour operators will regret their choice because it is really untenable


The Truth About the Neighboring Temple (December 2022)


For many years, this temple rocked us with its bells twice a day, and we got so used to it that we didn't even pay attention.
But things have changed a bit since the beginning of 2022, because a large cast concrete statue of Shiva was inaugurated with great fanfare, and now it attracts a large number of pilgrims sometimes coming from very far away.

Needless to say, all the bustle is accompanied by the usual local means of driving assistance...and on Sundays, the weekly rest day, the traffic is quite heavy, especially given the narrowness of the road and the the slope at 30%.

This may therefore explain some unfavorable remarks on social networks, but it is somehow a good thing, because it eliminates those who just want to "do" Ayurveda.

Regulars, and those who have taken several cures know how extraordinary this center is, especially as regards the table which is that of a starred chef, the quality of care and medicine and the overall atmosphere.

Projects are underway to mitigate noise related to temple activity, but in India, noise being an inalienable accompaniment to religious life, it may take time for good strategies to come to fruition...


In conclusion, the few noise pollution (I'm not talking about the Temple Festival which is downright unbearable) around the restaurant should not prevent those who know why they come, from coming or coming back.